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Dianthus Mountain Frost™ Rose Bouquet

Dianthus Mountain Frost™ 'Rose Bouquet'

Passionate Pink & Charmingly Frazzled Blooms

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Finally all the lovely rich tones of a rose without the fussiness! 'Rose Bouquet' is a resilient and gorgeous little perennial which packs a mighty punch with its dazzling deep pink blossoms. The fragrant blooms have striking jagged edges and a ring of maroon around the curly anthers. This dianthus is a sturdy and reliable addition to any landscape and sports impressive tolerance of drought, heavy rain, and excess moisture as well as frost. Butterflies love this beautiful, easy to care for plant and so will you! Rose Bouquet blooms from early spring all the way until fall and is accompanied by lush, tidy mounds of deep green foliage that create incredible contrast all season long. Whether you tuck it in rock gardens or sunny borders, this compact, low maintenance, marvel deserves a place of honor in your garden.