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Double Delights™ Star Gazer Hydrangea

Double Delights™ Star Gazer Hydrangea

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Kompeito' PP#20,998

Every aspect of this bigleaf Hydrangea is desirable: the habit is conveniently compact, the leaves are large and lush, the lacecap blooms are picoteed and perfectly formed, and last but not least, this low-maintenance plant blooms tirelessly on old and new wood alike for a long, dependable season of color!

Hybridized by T. Yamamoto in Japan, this reblooming lacecap hybrid will astound you with its lush foliage, tireless blooms, and exceptional tolerance of two of Hydrangea's biggest enemies: cold and mildew!

H. macrophylla usually blooms on old wood, developing its buds in fall. These buds require protection through frigid weather if they are to survive and open up in spring. But Star Gazer is the exception to this rule! Blooming on old and new wood alike, Star Gazer is much more forgiving of harsh winters and ill-timed pruning than other Hydrangeas: it simply insists on blooming!

Plant Star Gazer in rich soil in a shady, well-drained spot. It will tolerate more sun if the soil is kept sufficiently moist. Hydrangea is famous for its reaction to soil pH: if your soil is acidic, Star Gazer will produces blue picotee blooms, while if your soil is basic the flowers will be pink and white. Zones 5 to 9.