Dried Vegetable Waste Composter

Dried Vegetable Waste Composter

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The end of the growing season means the start of the laborious task of chopping up and tilling old vegetable plants. With this composter kit you can leave all of that behind! The future of dead veggie plants is making soil for a brand new crop of Blue Oyster Mushrooms. The plant matter is the perfect fertile soil for these mushrooms to fruit, and they shoot up in just weeks, making this the fastest and easiest thing to come from your garden! Blue Oyster mushrooms are a rare find in stores because they taste best when fresh. It doesn't get much fresher than straight from the garden! These flavorful mushrooms will not only liven up your favorite dishes, they will also save you so much time and effort that you're used to spending on tilling your garden in the fall.

1. As your crops harvest, pull the plants up and sun-dry them.

2. Soak the plants in very hot water (minimum 180 degrees for 1 hour) to pasteurize them. (You may want to cut them into smaller pieces to do this.)

3. Add the sawdust inoculated with blue oyster mushroom spawn.

4. Stuff the mixture into clean black nursery pots or black plastic bags.

5. In just weeks, begin harvesting gourmet Blue Oyster Mushrooms!

Note: If you can't plant the plugs right away, the spawn may be refrigerated for 3 to 6 months, but never frozen. Do not let spawn sit in the sunlight.