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Ebb Tide™ Floribunda Rose

Ebb Tide™ Floribunda Rose

A strong, spicy scent will permeate your entire garden!

Ebb Tide™ Floribunda Rose is the richest, darkest scented purple rose that improves its blooms every year! As if it were possible to improve upon this masterpiece of rich color, heavenly fragrance and old-fashioned flower form, this floribunda is a must-have in your garden. If you love roses, you will not hesitate to add this one to your garden as soon as possible.

These flowers are simply glorious with more than 35 petals spanning five inches. Charcoal highlights overlay its deep plum purple color for a stunning finish. You can expect such beauty arising from royal-purple buds in bushy, upright shrubs. The showstopping fragrance fills your nostrils with a redolent of spicy sweet cloves.

As this floribunda is established, each passing year brings impressive improvements on the beauty and aroma that initially impressed you. Floribunda Rose does not mind sharing its lovely flowers in contented space. Blooms grow larger and you will see more of them in your garden.

The best thing about this rose is you can combine its royalty with deep gold, rich red and strong pink in a floral arrangement or garden.