Echinacea PUFF® Vanilla

Incredible Blossoms with maximum appeal

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Very long blooming and floriferous, Puff Vanilla offers light yellow anemone-like blossoms. The bold round center is full of light cream and yellow petals with larger ones curving downward underneath from the middle, standing on strong green stems. Not only are they a unique color but these incredible blossoms will attract scores of butterflies and hummingbirds. Yet, they are unbothered by pesky deer so you do not have to worry about deer interfering with these blooms.

Along with phenomenal floral presence, this sweet variety is quite weather tough and tolerant of harsh sunlight and summer heat. These easy to care for plants to best in full sun, so plant them in a sunny bed or boarder and watch them light up your landscape. Best of all, their robust green stems are perfect for cutting! Save some room in your vases for these amazing Coneflower!