Eco-Bin™ Composter

Eco-Bin™ Composter

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Improve your garden soil the easy and free way with a compost bin . . . without sacrificing any garden spot permanently! Now you can move the composter around the garden as needed, or even fold it flat for storage! Eco-Bin™ replaces those clunky permanent structures with a durable, lightweight, super-easy tube that affixes to the soil and keep marauding animals at bay while your compost cooks.

Eco-Bin™ is made of mesh and coated with nylon, for sides about 2 inches thick. The top features a removable locking lid, so animals cannot get in. And because the lid is as wide as the bin itself, you can easily add new compost and turn the mix with a garden fork or rake. No small openings to contend with!

And while the top of the bin is very accessible, the base is completely open! Simply place this tube on any patch of garden soil you like, and secure it with the four included anchoring stakes. It won't go anywhere until it's time for you to lift it to remove the finished compost! And when you want to relocate the bin to another part of the garden, the soil you leave behind will be beautifully composted and ready to host your best plants!

And Eco-Bin™ is collapsible, so you can simply wash it off with the hose at season's end, let it dry out, and swirl it shut for flat storage. So easy, and so necessary for those of us with limited garden shed space!

This bin is puncture resistant and very weather-tough. It may be lightweight, but it's super-strong! With a 75-gallon capacity, it can hold months of garden clippings and kitchen scraps, filling to the top effortlessly without strain or warp. You will love Eco-Bin™! 28½ inches high and wide, with 4 anchor stakes and removable locking lid included.