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Edens Perfume Peony

Eden's Perfume Peony

Paeonia officinalis 'Eden's Perfume'

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Magnificent 7-inch blooms release a fragrance stronger and more delightful than that of nearly any other Peony on this bomb-style bloom. Add 'Eden's Perfume' to your garden this season, and begin enjoying a lifetime of incomparable color and scent!

Fully double and packed with pastel pink to cream petals, this Peony is a standout in any sunny setting. The plant reaches about 30 inches high, very well-branched and spreading up to 36 inches wide. It offers numerous flowering stems each summer to fill garden and vase with indescribable beauty!

Like all Peonies, 'Eden's Perfume' is quite easy to grow and very long-lived. Pamper it the first season, and when it becomes established in your garden, it will be very low maintenance.

Planting a Peony is a legacy for any landscape, for its blooms continue for decades. You will treasure 'Eden's Perfume' for a lifetime! Zones 2-8.