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Electron Hybrid Tea Rose

'Electron' Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa hybrida

Trade Gallon (3qt)
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This hybrid tea rose is positively electrifying! Each thrilling blossoms is classical in form, flashing vibrant pink petals that fan out up to 6 inches across. Even more enticing is its intense fragrance that wraps around you and doesn't let go! The blushing roses are well matched by its large, glossy dark green foliage. While we highly recommend cutting these spectacular blooms for indoor displays, we remind you that beauty this indulgent doesn't come without cost. Tiny prickles cover its stems so wearing gloves is a must when attending to this rose and taking samples.

A rose this talented rarely escapes notice, so it's no surprise that Electron® has garnered multiple awards including AARS 1973, Gold medal winner at Belfast, Ireland. Portland Oregon, The Hague, Holland, and the Royal National Rose Society's Gold Medal in 1969. Electron® is a faithful rebloomer and is sure to be one of the most rewarding varieties you'll ever grow.