Ella 12-inch Square Pot (Teak)

12-inch Dark Brown
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What's not to love about Ella Pots? They have everything a modern gardener could want. Made of durable and weather resistant ArtStone, featuring a self-watering WaterMinder reservoir and an attractive design looks great indoors or out it's impressive that they could fit all of that into one container! This Ella Pot stands a foot tall and is perfect for filling up a small space with a pop of flora flare. With three flattering colors (terracotta, brown, and black) to choose from you can be sure your container will always flatter both your greenery and your decor. The WaterMinder reservoir is a wonderful system that liberates you from strict watering schedules and gives you peace of mind knowing your plants are getting the perfect amount of water. We adore this little container and we're sure you will to!