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Ella Tall Square Pot

27.5-inch Black
Item # 38785
Ella Pots are renowned for their WaterMinder™ self-watering reservoirs, but we sometimes forget that they are also beautifully sized to accommodate potted plants of every description. This very tall, deep square pot is a fine example: it holds even a larger plant over a long period, thanks to its generous size and self-watering capability!

This planter is large enough to comfortably grow a rose or shrub, not to mention mixed plantings of annuals, foliage plants, and perennials of all kinds. Now you can landscape in containers the way you have always wanted to, without worrying about plants drying out during hot summer days when you can't always be at home to water.

Best of all, Ella Tall Square Pot works equally well indoors or out, thanks to a removable drainage insert. This handsome resin container is weather-tough and durable, yet also elegant enough for use in the home. So versatile -- ideal for tender plants that must be brought to a frost-free location for winter!

The secret to Ella's success is the WaterMinder™ reservoir in the base of the pot. A ribbed divider separates the soil compartment from the reservoir within the pot, and in this divider are two holes, which allow water to flow between the two parts of the container. Plant roots can wick up just what they need to stay hydrated, without over- or under-watering. And as long as the drainage plug is in place, there is no external drainage, making Ella perfect for indoor settings. So easy, so efficient!

This is a planter that can hold a long-lived plant as well as bold annuals. Just choose a good potting soil, to avoid soil compaction over time, and refresh the soil annually by scraping off the top few inches and replacing with fresh. Your plant will be happy for years, and your Ella will keep it hydrated and looking its best!

Ella Tall Square Pot makes a stunning gift for gardening friends as well as an indispensable piece of indoor or outdoor decor in your own landscape. Add it to your container garden this season!19.5-inch Ella Tall Square Pot - 10.25"W x 10.25"D x 19.5"H

27.5-inch Ella Tall Square Pot - 14"W x 14"D x 27.5"H