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Enchanted Evening™ Floribunda Rose

Enchanted Evening™ Floribunda Rose

Rosa 'JACperby' PP#20,744

Has there ever been such a romantic rose? Its name begs association with Bali Ha'i, while its highly unusual lavender-mauve petals with a silvery reverse suggest a refined elegance hard to find in the rose garden! This floribunda is a heavy producer early summer to late summer, with an enticing strong citrusy fragrance and color to spare.

Bred from 'Perfume Perfection' x 'Blue Bayou', 'Enchanted Evening' sets large clusters of 3- to 4-inch blooms, fully double and very, very beautiful. The form is classic high-centered, opening from pointed, ovoid buds, with the tips gently ruffled outwards to conceal the silvery reverse. The flowers are slow to open, giving you a few extra days of enjoyment out of every bloom. And the fragrance is powerful, zesty, and invigorating, wafting across the entire garden!

'Enchanted Evening' reaches just 3 to 4 feet high and 3½ feet wide, a good size for border and rose garden, and not too large for containers. The plant, cloaked in attractive glossy, dark green foliage, is very disease resistant, standing up beautifully to hot, humid summers.

Find a place of honor for this spectacular floribunda and begin enjoying season after season of exquisite color and scent in the sunny garden and your best vases!