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Hydrangea Endless Summer®

Hydrangea Endless Summer®

Hydrangea macrophylla Endless Summer® PP#15,298

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Plant Patent #15,298. Cultivar name: 'Bailmer'. Clouds of fairy-blue and creamy white petals characterize this head-turning hydrangea. The Endless Summer hydrangea received its name with good reason - it was the first hydrangea discovered that can bloom from early spring right through the fall. Hardy and disease resistant, these bountiful blossoms furnish gardens with exquisite beauty by their long-lasting color that comes back year after year. Perfect for hedges, container gardens, or as cut flowers, these gorgeous flowers will always be attention grabbers. They require minor maintenance such as well-draining soil and occasional dead-heading, but are sturdy enough to stand up to cold temperatures. Adjusting the pH of the soil can even change their color from blue to pink. The Endless Summer hydrangea gives gardeners endless possibilities. Zones 4-9.