English Garden Must-Haves

Make this world-famous, charming look a reailty in your garden

Whimsical or Formal? Cottage or Country? Whatever the design, the English Garden never fails to impress and is the ultimate in sanctuary garden. Designing and maintaining one, however, requires a bit of purposeful planning ahead of time.

Deciding on the best type of English Garden is largely a combination of reflecting your personality as well as choosing an option that best suits your space. The traditional English cottage garden is noted by its control chaos and personality, noted by roses, lavender, foxglove and other perennials and annuals positioned for complementary colors, shapes and sizes.

In contrast, country gardens have formal order to them, often with clipped hedges and green lawn space playing prominent roles in setting apart showcased flora. While the cottage look may be more appropriate for smaller gardens, the formal garden is better suited to gardens with acreage, though of course, mind the upkeep.

From there, the next step in decisions are the fun ones—what plants do you enjoy the most, what is best suited to grow in your area, what does your budget allow. And remember, building this garden is meant to be an enjoyable experience, reflective of you. Adjust your garden with new plantings and deletions to reflect your interests and your skills as they evolve.

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