English Ivy Houseplant

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English Ivy (Hedera helix) is a versatile houseplant that can be grown in many different situations. Ivies can be grown in hanging baskets, at the base of other houseplants and in pots of their own. Ivy is often trained on trellis frames or wire topiary forms into various formal or whimsical shapes. While most ivies are virtually unlimited in their spread, you can easily keep it pruned to almost any size that you want when grown as houseplants. It boasts dark green leaves leaves edged with silver, gray-green, white, cream, yellow, chartreuse or gold. English Ivy is easy to care for as well! It grows best in partial to full shade and prefers a moist environment, especially in the winter.

The benefits of English Ivy don't stop at beauty and low maintenance! Houseplants increase the quality of our lives and are important for our well being. Plants in the home help us breathe easier by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, increase humidity which reduces dry skin, colds, sore throats, and coughs, as well as removes toxins to purify the air. There are even studies showing that houseplants decrease stress and increase productivity, reduce sickness, boost creativity, and increase focus.

Add this classic plant to your home today for beauty, ease, and endless health benefits. You have no reason not to!

Warning: These are not pet friendly.

Container Height: 5"