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Erica White Perfection

Erica 'White Perfection'

Considered to be the Best of the White Darley Dale Heaths

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Award of Garden Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society.

An award-winning variety, considered to be the best of the white Darley Dale heaths, 'White Perfection' really lives up to its name. From early winter to mid spring this dwarf evergreen flowering shrub blooms in bell-shaped, pure white flowers that brighten the garden when it's needed most. And the flowers produce nectar at a time of year when hungry bees also need it the most.

Easy to grow, the bushy plant of needle-like, bright green foliage is virtually disease and pest free. It requires little maintenance and grows vigorously, choking out weeds as it spreads. It's adaptable to a wide range of soils, including clay, loam, sand, acid, and neutral. And it's deer resistant.

It can be grown as a groundcover to fight erosion on banks and slopes. Or it can just be enjoyed planted in beds and borders or on the patio in containers. Wherever you plant it, it will show to best effect planted en masse.