Espoma Organic® Flower-tone® Blossom Booster

Espoma Organic® Flower-tone® Blossom Booster

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A 4 pound bag of 100% natural slow-release flower fertilizer
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Size 4 Pound Bag
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4 Pound Bag

Description / Espoma Organic® Flower-tone® Blossom Booster

No chemicals, sludges, or fillers, just pure organic flower boosting goodness from the trusted name in garden goodness.

Flower-tone® increases the beauty and extends the bloom-time of flowering plants, providing nutrients needed for the biggest, longest lasting flowers. This organic fertilizer produces better health, vitality and blooming essence for flowers through lower nitrogen and higher potassium and phosphorus levels. And it does it all without encouraging overabundant foliage growth.

The natural, safe 3-4-5 macronutrient composition (complete with beneficial microbes) ensures that your plants are able to grow healthier, absorb nutrients better, and fend off disease more effectively. No fillers or sludge are used for Flower-tone®, and the ingredients are 100 percent safe for animals, the environment, and plants.

Flower-tone® is customized for blooming perennials and annuals, and is not ideal for fruits, vegetables, foliage plants, or turf. (For those, try either Espoma® Garden-tone® or a specific formula for the type of plant you are feeding.) Four pounds of Flower-tone® treats 80 square feet of garden.

Incorporate Flower-tone® into your flower beds and then water it in thoroughly. When sowing seeds, simply add two tablespoons of the formula into the soil. It also works well when sprinkled around the base of existing plants.

Espoma® is the name gardeners trust for effective, safe fertilizer. Make the most of every bloom with Flower-tone®.

One pound equals approx. 3 cupfuls.

Preparing New Flower Beds:
Mix Flower-tone® into the top four or five inches of soil at the rate of 4 pounds per 80 square feet. An additional feeding should be made after the plants are well established.

Seeds should be planted to their recommended depth. If the flower bed has already been prepared simply fill the hole with prepared soil. If the soil has not been prepared, cover the seed with soil and sprinkle 2 tablespoons of Flower-tone® over the seed.
Flowers from containers:
Gently remove the plant from its container. Loosen the roots and spread them into the prepared hole. The depth of the hole should not be greater than the size of the root ball. Refill the hole with prepared soil and tamp gently but firmly. If the soil has not been prepared add 2 tablespoons of Flower-tone® mixed with soil for seedlings from market packs. For larger plants, one or two gallon containers mix ½ cup with the soil and fill as above. Always finish by watering thoroughly.
Established Flowers:
Feed monthly from the beginning of the growing season until the middle of September.
Individual Plants:
Broadcast ¼ cup Flower-tone® around the plant. Be careful not to put the plant food on the plant foliage or stem and do not mound the application. Sprinkle Flower-tone® around like adding salt and pepper to food. After feeding water thoroughly.
Flower Beds:
Broadcast Flower-tone® at the rate of 4 pounds per 80 square feet. Be careful not to put the plant food on the plant foliage or stem and do not mound the application. After feeding, water thoroughly and rinse off any fertilizer that is on the foliage.

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