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Eucomis Oakhurst

Eucomis 'Oakhurst'

Eucomis comosa

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This intriguing pineapple lily is quite the tropical treat, showcasing exotic looking flowers and colorful foliage in equal measure. The curious bloom wands are speckled with pale rose blossoms which are arranged in a pineapple shape, hence the accurate name. They tower on robust stalks above thick strap-like foliage that is deep maroon to purple in color. 'Oakhurst' grows very quickly in spring, sprinting to maturity so that it can show off its marvelous flowers all summer long. As if that weren't enough, its cut flowers can stand without wilting for 21 days in a vase, so add them to your arrangements with confidence. Plant it in a sunny spot in your garden and watched the multitude of unique flowers bloom in a parade of both thrilling flowers and foliage! Extraordinary is too small a word for this otherworldly beauty!