Outdoors. Plant one foot apart in full sun or light shade in loose, moisture retentive but well drained soil. Set the rootball an inch or so below the soil line (bulbs should be 5 to 6 inches deep).

Containers: Set bulbs with the tip just below the soil surface in a good brand of packaged potting soil. Plant one bulb in a 4 to 5 inch container. Provide full sun to light shade. Water moderately til growth begins, then keep the soil evenly moist during the summer.


Outdoors: Water regularly during hot, dry periods. Apply a light sprinkling of 5-10-5 fertilzier in early spring as new growth begins. A winter mulch of straw, needles, or chopped leaves in zones 6 and 7 will give extra protection. In colder climates where bulbs are not winter hardy, dig and store loose bulbs in a paper bag or box in a frost free area.

Containers: Apply a water soluble fertilzer according to label directions during the summer months. During winter, stop watering and allow the soil to dry completely. In colder climates, move containers indoors to a frost free area in late fall and allow them to dry. Repot each spring into fresh potting soil.


Zones 6-9