Citrus 'Eureka' Lemon

Yields sunny tangy fruits by the armload!

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Item # 36491
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For citrus aficionados nothing beats fresh lemons, and it doesn't get much fresher than homegrown! Whether you pot it in your kitchen for that fresh just-cleaned scent, or you place it on the deck for a little green texture, this tree performs like a champion in any setting It may be petite, but Eureka bears like a full-sized tree faithfully delivering armloads of juicy golden fruit for your whole family to enjoy! Its amazingly fragrant white flowers from spring to summer and its glossy evergreen leaves make it as ornamental as it is functional. Being a subtropical tree means that it won't make it in the cold, but that's no problem when it is compact enough to be grown right indoors.Grown in the right conditions, this stellar citrus can produce lemons all year round! This variety is dwarf, has very few thorns and starts producing fruit at a young age. Just give it a large pot and a sunny window to bask in and watch the magic happen! Zones 9-10.

Citrus trees will ship at the appropriate planting time based on your growing zone. Citrus trees do not ship in December or January.