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Hydrangea Everlasting® Bride

Hydrangea Everlasting® Bride

Hydrangea macrophylla Everlasting® Bride PP# 25,579

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Everlasting® Bride and your garden are a match made in heaven! This petite shrub offers maximum satisfaction in a tidy, compact package that is just right for smaller gardens and growing in containers. In summer Bride presents gleaming snowball like bloom clusters the most radiant white we've ever seen. As the flowers mature the blossoms take on a lovely lime green hue which is just as pleasing to behold. The stems are incredibly sturdy and are ideal for cut flower arrangements. Its broad leaves strike a dapper pose with their dark green further boasting the beauty of its flowers. Aside from its undeniable charisma, this hydrangea is also more sun-tolerant than other varieties and isn't as prone to burning which is a definite bonus for those with sun-soaked gardens.