EZ KUT Prunners - Pink

EZ KUT Prunners - Pink

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Sophisticated grip and all-metal composition
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Description / EZ KUT Prunners - Pink

Get professional quality results with minimum effort using this high quality ratcheting pruner. Boasting an all metal design, this heavy duty hand tool is made of SK5 hardened carbon steel and is made to withstand years of usage on a multitude of tasks. The blades are non-stick coated and are resistant to rust and gumming up from wood sap. Specialized sap grooves prevent the blades from sticking and saves time by channeling off sap keeping the blades clean of debris after each cut.

These durable pruners are the perfect unity of tough yet lightweight for easy usage. The grip is ergonomically designed to reduce the stress and fatigue from repetitive motions while keeping your hands safe and comfortable during your work. Finally a multipurpose tool suitable for Arthritic hands and those who suffer Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The perfect gift for the outdoorsy nature lover in your life.

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