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Epimedium Sulphureum Fairy Wings

Epimedium 'Sulphureum' Fairy Wings

A Versatile, Shade-loving Masterpiece!

4-inch Pot
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While we know it as Fairy Wings, this beauty also goes by Barrenwort and Bishops Hat. Whatever you call it, you can bet that it will soon become a fan favorite in your shade garden. And don't let its size fool you; this petite perennial is a real powerhouse!

Its handsome heart-shaped foliage starts out tinged bright red that creates eye-catching contrast before they mature to a pleasant solid green. Those appealing caladium-like leaves stay lush and lovely throughout all but the most bitterly cold winters and in most places this plant is considered to be evergreen.

As if its stellar foliage isn't enough of a draw, in Springtime you can expect flushes of primrose yellow blooms to burst forth for even more dazzling display that lures in pollinators by the dozens. If your shade garden is looking a little drab, this showstopper is sure to perch it right up!

One of its biggest strengths is its adaptability. This plant doesn't just tolerate shade - it thrives in it! The trick to its survival is its extraordinary tolerance to dry soil so even the parched earth ringing the base of your favorite oak is an oasis to this impressive cultivar.

Fairy Wings is a slow grower, taking about two years to reach full maturity, but its adaptability, robust health and beauty are all worth the wait! This compact perennial doesn't grow very tall but makes a great groundcover. Deer and rabbit don't bother it making it a must-grow for those with pest problems. Zone 5-9.

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Cute and hardy
Fran from PA wrote on July 14, 2018:

We moved into a new construction house2 years ago...need I say much about the poor quality of the shale filled earth around the house? And the immense deer population? Fairy Wings came up for sale a month after our move, so I took a chance. Boy, I am so happy with this ground cover 2 years later. Medium green, heart shaped leaves, densely covering an area about 2feet by 2 feet, after planting 3 baby small potted plants. The flowers are small, but cute bobbing their heads in spring’s breezes. Used in semi shade location, but does get some hot direct sun for part of the day, with no noticeable effect.