Featured Edible Plants

Harvest your garden’s bounty with featured edible plants from Wayside Gardens

There’s a movement underway and it’s called many things: edible gardening, home gardening, sustainable growing. No matter how you refer to the movement, we have a bounty of edible plants and seeds for your garden and table.

Growing fruit and vegetable produce at home has so many benefits for you: exercise, fresh air, and satisfaction; and your edible garden: fewer trips to the store, fresh from the garden harvest, and bragging rights. Imagine serving a delicious, healthy summertime meal to your friends or family with flourishes of your own, homegrown herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

Whether you are looking for organic vegetables, apples, ginger, berries, lettuce, root vegetables, or citrus, you’ll find it— and more— here. We even have a kit to grow your own wood-cultivated mushrooms. Get your garden harvest growing with edible plants from Wayside Gardens.