Featured Perennials

Exclusive collection includes perennial flowers and more.

The featured perennials assortment has some of our most popular new flowers and vines as well as our customer’s favorite plants for sun and shade. Because they return each year, perennials increase in beauty, blooms, and size over multiple seasons. Our exclusive perennial collection encompasses a rainbow of eye-catching roses, vines, trees and shrubs, edibles, decorative grasses, and flowers for your garden.

Perennials develop a strong root system which, while they die back seasonally, allows them to produce new growth in spring. If you’re not already, you’re sure to become a perennial fan as your annual harvest of lush flowers, fragrant blooms, organic fruits, and natural greenery increases in your garden over many growing seasons. Looking for spring perennials, sun or shade perennials, groundcovers, vining perennials, ornamental grasses, and must-haves? Our assortment ranges from favorites to hard-to-find varieties for every climate, and soil type.

No need to wait to get started. Confirm your growing zone, check that your selections will thrive in your area, and place your order. Then sit back, peruse the product details, and plan your garden. We ship your order to arrive at the appropriate time for planting in your growing zone.

Whether you’re a master gardener or just beginning, our more than 100 years of gardening expertise ensures you receive unique and high-quality edible plants, perennial flowers, and trees and shrubs. You have our guarantee.