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Rhododendron Firestorm

Rhododendron 'Firestorm'

Rhododendron hybrid 'Firestorm'

Trade Gallon (3qt)
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This gorgeous Rhododendron will cause quite a stir in your garden! A vigorous, cold-hardy hybrid developed at the University of Connecticut, it covers its lovely evergreen foliage with rich, bright red, wavy-edged blossoms in late spring. Over 3 inches across, they're held in large, dome-shaped clusters that make the entire shrub look as though it has burst into flame!

The new lime green leaves darken as they age, taking on an elegant shade of darker green with lighter midribs. Slowly reaching a height and width of 3 to 4 feet with a dense, spreading habit, it's an extremely versatile shrub, proving perfect for everything from foundation plantings to hedges to mixed borders.

For the first growing season, it's important to follow a regular watering schedule in order to establish a deep, extensive root system. Organically rich, well-drained soil is best. After blooming, feed 'Firestorm' with an acidic fertilizer. A thick layer of mulch is recommended to keep the roots cool. Zones 4-8.