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Azalea Flame Creeper

Azalea 'Flame Creeper'

A bloom-machine!

Possibly the most impressive Azalea we have had the pleasure of offering! Flame Creeper is exceptional for its groundcover habit that is unusual for an Azalea -- flowers that usually are presented in upright clumps. Not to mention, the tropical pink and bright orange tones of this cultivar are hard to find in any garden.

As spring warms to summer, single blooms erupt with flashes of color all over this shrub, popping up sporadically throughout the summer. Absolutely dripping with color, these blooms will transform any garden space, but look best in shady borders, woodland area, and around foundations. You can even line your driveway with Flame Creeper for a truly eye-catching display.

As a groundcover, it won't surpass 6 to 12 inches high, and spreads to about 24 to 36 inches wide within just a few seasons. This versatile plant can even be trained to climb up a trellis, wall, or mailbox!

Flame Creeper's evergreen foliage makes it super low maintenance. It's tolerant of plenty of sun, thriving most in morning sun and afternoon shade, and tolerating dappled shade as well. You won't be disappointed with the addition of this low-maintenance, long-lived, and floriferous Azalea!