Flat Door Butterfly Cage

Flat Door Butterfly Cage

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Boost local butterfly populations and watch the wonders of nature unfold with this inventive little butterfly cage. This clever enclosure allows you to raise up to 15 butterflies while experiencing the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the butterfly life cycle from egg to mature adult. The cage is made of lightweight yet resilient materials and features two nifty handles on the top for easy portability. It is also collapsible making it a cinch to store when not in use. The cube is forest green with white meshing on 4 sides and includes 1 clear plastic window so you can easily view the interesting changes of the inhabitants as they grow. The front panel features a zippered drawbridge door which lays flat when open and stays out of the way while you arrange and clean the cage. This features is important because it is vital to introduce natural materials and remove debris as needed so that your little guests develop in the best possible environment. This enclosure is an ideal gift for nature loving children and an excellent teaching aid in the classroom.Cage Dimensions: 15" x 15" x 15"