Flawless® Flora-Tea Rose

Flawless® Flora-Tea Rose

Rosa 'BENrye' PP#20,977

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Perfect form, elegant color, and extreme vigor all in one compact package! Flawless® will have your neighbors in awe with its giant blooms that emit a super pungent and sweet fragrance that is just delightful!

Enormous, fully double blooms completely take over this compact Flora-Tea, and continue to emerge in waves all summer long, releasing a raspberry scent so intense that it will fill your entire garden. The elegantly formed blooms are a masterpiece that seems too perfect for reality, but they're definitely real!

Reaching nearly 4 inches wide at full bloom and bearing 17 to 22 petals, the huge flowers look ever larger on the compact shrub. They are supported on long, solitary stems adorned with glossy, dark green foliage?the perfect backdrop for the pastel-pink blooms!

Reaching just 2 to 3 feet high and wide, this upright shrub is ideal for containers, but also make great additions to a perennial border and, of course, any rose garden. Not only is Flawless® is an exquisite rose bush, but it?s also vigorous and very adaptable! Cold hardy, and heat and humidity resistant, it can tolerate just about any climate with ease. It will bring superior beauty and truly amazing raspberry fragrance that, wowing you and your neighbors!