Clematis Boulevard® Fleuri™

Clematis Boulevard® Fleuri™

Clematis viticella 'Evipo042' PP#24172

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Cultivar name: 'Evipo042'

From the moment it debuted at the 2009 Chelsea Flower Show, Fleuri™ has been a hit. Part of British Clematarian Raymond J. Evison's Boulevard® series of compact patio varieties, it offers brilliantly jewel-toned blooms on climbing plants just 4 feet tall.

Beginning in late spring in most climates, these large blooms open by the dozen among fresh mid-green foliage. The base color is a deep violet, with a red-infused magenta stripe down the center of each petal (actually sepals). White filaments offer a contrasting central ring that makes the flowers really pop, especially against a white or pale backdrop.

Fleuri™ is the product of impeccable breeding, and is a vigorous performer in any setting. Train it up a trellis or through a fence, where its lush foliage keeps it handsome even out of bloom. Very long-lived, Clematis is a dependable presence in the sunny to lightly shaded garden.

Clematis is easy to grow in a rich, porous, alkaline soil with plenty of room for the roots to spread. Best performance is when the tops are in full sunlight and the roots are shaded, so apply a generous mulch or a shallow-rooted groundcover near the base of the vine. Very reliable performers once established, they take a season or two to get going. Fleuri™ is a Group II Clematis for pruning purposes, which means that in early spring you should cut back the vine 6 or 8 inches to the nearest pair of strong leaf axil buds. Zones 4-9.