Flowering Succulents for a Low-Maintenance Garden

Succulents: A Passive Gardener’s Delight

succulent with pink flowers

Succulents were invented for busy people who still appreciate a lovely garden. They are so stubbornly durable that even the most lethal “brown thumb” gardeners can grow a bounty of lush greenery with ease. Sporting plump, dusky leaves and curious foliage shapes that can seem downright extraterrestrial who can possibly resist the charm of succulents?

As a low octane gardener I can’t help but appreciate the tenacity and visual appeal of these unique plants. Made to survive the harshest environments on the planet, there’s little worry that these incredible species can tough it out in your home or garden.

They are great container and garden bed plants that aren’t fussy about soil or hydration. Plus, there are so many different varieties! These plants come in a full array of colors from traditional green to regal purple, burgundy, smoke blue and more. The refreshingly bright variegated foliage of Lime Twister never fails to improve my mood.

I love succulents for their unique and interesting foliage, but some varieties also have amazing floral presence as well. The Jewel of Desert is an everblooming waterfall of color and is positively loaded down with blooms so that you might miss the handsome leaves it wears so well. Best of all that fleshy foliage means that drought doesn’t bother it one bit.

But perhaps container gardening isn’t your speed, and you’re looking for a durable groundcover to tackle those bare spots in your lawn. What then?

Say no more! This amazing wave of pink will wash away all of your patchy turf worries in no time flat. It grows and spreads quickly making it the ideal ground cover. Phenomenal blooms and attractive foliage all in one package? Hey, they don’t call it ‘Dazzleberry‘ for nothing.


Because they are so flexible you can get super creative when it comes to choosing planters. This cool globe terrarium is just one example of the multitude of ways you can design with succulents.

They’re tough, low-maintenance, water smart and beautiful. This means that you are officially out of reasons not to jump on the succulent bandwagon. Hop aboard and enjoy the ride.