Fragrant Perennials

Imbue your garden with a perfume personality

When planning your dream garden, don’t forget about fragrance. Gardens derive interest from many aspects, like colors, textures, and hardscapes, and while these elements are thoughtfully considered in our aesthetically designed outdoor spaces, fragrance is often overlooked, or at the very least, treated as a secondary consideration. But a luxuriously lingering waft of sweet scent can be a garden’s superpower, taking it from simply gorgeous to truly spectacular.

Scent has an undeniable power as a creative tool and should always be considered when setting an atmosphere. Scents elicit immediate reactions, evoking strong memories and emotions. And we can use that emotional connection to our advantage in the garden. Fragrances can be broken down into the 4 elements: earth, water, fire, and air. The sensual and sweet earthy fragrances comfort and nurture; the soft, delicate florals of water reduce anxiety and stress; the rich, warm, and spicy scents of fire uplift and invigorate; and the fresh airy aromas of herbals and zesty citrus stimulate mental activity.

With just a little planning, your garden can emit a complex blend of floral notes for its own alluring signature scent. And our selection of fragrant perennials is here to help it do just that. Whether true vintage beauties or novel newcomers, fragrant perennials imbue gardens with a perfume personality. Just be sure to plant them in your outdoor entertainment areas where they can be most appreciated.

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