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Heuchera Little Cutie™ Frost PP24547

Heuchera Little Cutie™ 'Frost' PP24547

Heuchera hybrid 'Frost' PP#24,547

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The name 'Frost' comes from the lovely silvery overlay on every large, lobed leaf of this compact Coral Bells. Part of the popular Little Cutie™ series of reblooming, evergreen, super-vigorous Heuchera varieties, 'Frost' outperforms most others in the border, container, and even the home!

Just 6 to 9 inches high and 8 inches wide, this petite powerhouse is the ideal size for pots and tubs of all kinds. It plays well with others, offering brilliant color year-round. Spring sees the emergence of new leaves of pale silver with deep burgundy veining. By summer, the burgundy has spread throughout the leaves, with violet outlining each vein and the silver still glinting as a sort of sheen over the entire display. The foliage remains small, dark, and handsome right through winter.

And that's just the foliage! The flowers are also lovely, arising on dark red stems and spoting pale pink tones that really stand out against the backdrop of dark leaves. These rounded blooms look like a scattering of pink pearls -- and they keep coming 3 seasons a year! Expect the first round in late spring, several more during summer, and at least one final hurrah in early to mid fall. Butterflies love these blooms, but not as much as you will!

Then there's the whole adaptability to sun or shade benefit. Little Cutie™ 'Frost' thrives in full sunshine, part shade, or even the deep shade/bright light of indoor settings. It probably fares best in a mix of sunlight and shade outdoors, but it will tolerate the full range of light conditions. Very few plants can do this!

Little Cutie™ 'Frost' is fast-growing, taking right off and blooming at least once, if not multiple times, the first year. It stands up well to heat, humidity, and even periods of drought -- this is a perennial you can grow in the deep south and the Pacific northwest alike. If you choose to show it off in a container, bring it indoors for winter in areas where snow will cover it otherwise, or let it hide its light during the snowy season and re-emerge in spring. So adaptable!

The one thing this Heuchera does need is well-drained soil, so make sure that even if your garden soil is clay-ey or heavy, it has reasonable drainage. Then let this dynamo do the rest! Zones 4-9.