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Tulip Parrot Frozen Night

Tulip Parrot 'Frozen Night'

Tulipa hybrid 'Frozen Night' PPAF

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Strikingly beautiful, 'Frozen Night's' provides a flamboyant, yet distinctly dark look from a species known mostly for soft pastels and light uplifting, spring colors. Superbly detailed with a deep purple color that looks as though it was painted on, and luxurious fringe edges, this parrot mimics nothing else in a tulip world void of black and blue.

In Valhalla, this wintery-dark tulip would be a natural feature in Odin's garden, a symbol of elegant strength and masterful design. Unlike the bright mood fostered by pastels, the purple blooms of 'Frozen Night' cast a clear, crisp mood of precision, power and prominence.

A great specimen that grows well in a container, 'Frozen Night's' also can serve as an outstanding contrast to white or other light colored tulips. Like other parrots, it's heavily frilled and scalloped, feathery edged blooms and long stems make spectacular cut flowers.

The enormous blooms, one cup-shaped flower per stem, require some protection from heat and cold, heavy winds and rain. As they are exposed to sun, the blooms open widely and flatten out. They grow well near structures or indoors.

Blooming later in the season than many spring flowers, 'Frozen Night' arrives at a welcome time, ready for a prime spot in your display. Bulbs should be planted five inches deep and 4 to 6 inches apart and water them thoroughly. Supplemental watering is not required until active growth begins. Then water weekly and supply fertilizer each month.