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Dianthus Fruit Punch® Spiked Punch

Dianthus Fruit Punch® 'Spiked Punch'

Dianthus hybrid 'Spiked Punch' PPAF

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Super-tough and ready to bloom two seasons a year, this is a double-flowered delight!

From the notable Fruit Punch® series of double-flowered, ultra-fragrant Garden Pinks comes 'Spiked Punch', a charming and very vigorous perennial ready to transform your edging, border, and containers! This powerhouse is just a few inches high, but what an impact!

Packed with short, frilly petals of fuchsia-pink, these blooms are 1½ to 2 inches wide. They release a strong, pleasingly spicy aroma, somewhat like cloves, that fills the early spring and fall air. The fragrance serves a purpose, too: nibbling deer, rabbits, and other animals tend to avoid 'Spiked Punch' because of it!

The flowers are great for cutting as well as outdoor enjoyment. Garden Pinks are the classic buttonhole flower, and also make nice nosegays for the breakfast table and desk. But even if you don't cut them, shear the spent blooms back quickly on the plant, and 'Spiked Punch' may just reward you with another showing in fall!

The foliage is attractive on this Dianthus as well. Steely gray-blue, it is needle-thin and very dense, a nice little cushion of color that contrasts with all neighboring plants. These leaves keep 'Spiked Punch' looking great year-round, and refuse to melt out in heat and humidity.

This is a classic garden performer, small in stature but huge in impact. Give it a go in the garden or container this season, and we predict you'll be back for more Pinks very soon! Zones 4-9.