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Fujimusume Clematis

'Fujimusume' Clematis

Clematis viticella 'Fujimusume'

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Few Clematis can match the fullness and presence of the regal 'Fujimusume'. Its richly colored blooms look like pieces of summer sky and each flowerhead can spread up to 7 inches in width. Each velvety bloom features several petal in a star pattern with a golden knot of stamen at its center boosting its overall colorful display through tasteful contrast. You can catch the first floral performance early in summer when large and double blooms reign supreme on the vines, and again later in the season with flowers that are smaller yet just as lovely as the opening act. One of 'Fujimusume's' many charms is its relatively compact growing habit which means that it can even be grown in containers. No deer or rabbits will be caught nibbling this beauty, but hummingbirds are frequent guests of this darling clematis. 'Fujimusume' enjoys full sun to part shade and takes to any kind of soil quality with ease.