Garden Party Essential Set the Mood

Who doesn’t like a good party? The days are getting longer and warmer, so it’s time to get out and get social! There are plenty of easy ways to make your gatherings memorable, and with these tips and tools it won’t be long before you’ve mastered the art of the garden party.

string lights


Hanging decorative christmas lights for a back yard party ** Note: Shallow depth of fieldWhile the days are getting longer and the sun will happily provide plenty of natural light for your outdoor events, night always comes eventually and you’ll need the right lighting to keep the party going strong after dark. As the stars come out one by one, you can create your own bright constellation in the form of string lights, festive lanterns, or the gentle glow of candles.


table with chairs

Even the most energetic party-goer needs to take a breather no and then, so it’s always good to have plenty of available seating. It can be as traditional or non-traditional as you please as long as it’s cozy and fits the mood. Throwing a relaxed and intimate get-together? You can toss a few large and weather proof pillows on the lawn for a bit of low-key lounging. Having a more dignified gathering? Break out the outdoor dining tables and classy wrought iron chairs so you can sip wine while you recline. Choosing the right outdoor furniture is an essential element to being a party hosting pro.


people toasting drinks

The best parties have a personal touch, and garden parties are great opportunities to show off your culinary talents. There are few things quite as rewarding as preparing food with ingredients grown in your own garden. When guests compliment your use of fresh lemon zest or choice of savory mushrooms on the steaks you can smile and say “Thanks, I grew them myself!”

When it comes to drinks serving the right cocktails will keep everyone in high spirits throughout the night. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a promotion, an anniversary or just the joy of the outdoors – whatever good times you’re clinking your glass to, let those glasses be filled with something just as delightful.


outdoor chairs

This last one can be difficult to define. It’s a feeling that permeates the atmosphere of a gathering and makes it special. You can certainly enhance the mood with music, be it the fun tunes from your spotify playlist or the gentle, natural music of wind chimes, peeping frogs and crickets. You can also offer the sweet sensation of fragrant flowers which are sure to soothe your guests for maximum relaxation. The great thing about mood is that it isn’t always about what’s added, but also what’s absent. For instance, the absence of pesky mosquitoes is definitely a plus and can be attained through the use of cute citronella candles as well as through the faithful guard of plants that mosquitoes avoid.