Small Space Gardening

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Create special gardens to fit any situation

Don’t have acres for gardening? No problem. Sometimes the most creative and expressive gardens are those that fit within the constraints of a small urban lot or even a deck or patio. A small-space garden, however, does require a bit more upfront planning. With clear understanding of the plant’s mature size, a small-space gardener can start plotting out what plants are most appropriate and which ones may to be too large or spreading for their space.

One aspect of small-space gardening that is sometimes overlooked is vertical space. Through the use of containers and raised beds, a garden can have added dimensions that not only showcase more depth but also allow for greater variety. Again, paying attention to a plant’s mature dimensions is critical here, but understanding which plants complement one another is also crucial.

The opportunity for a small garden space is only as limited as your imagination. With more plants available in compact form, there have never been more varieties and options to choose from.

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