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Gardenia in Modern Container

Gardenia in Modern Container

Gift Plant
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Add beauty and fragrance at once with this beloved flower! Gardenia plants offer glossy, attractive foliage and radiant white blooms. Each flower emits a deliciously sweet fragrance that will fill your home for weeks! Give it to all your gardening friends, as it is sure to inspire smiles!

Note: Gardenia plants are not shipped with blooms to avoid damage during transit.

Our gardenias are delivered fully budded and ready to start their show. Just place it in a sunny spot and watch it go! Gardenias prefer cool rooms (around 60 degrees Fahrenheit) with moist air. To keep them moist enough, you could mist them daily, or grow them atop a tray of pebbles with water in the bottom.

The ceramic cachepot will bring a modern touch to the display, and it can also be re-purposed as a great storage solution around the house or garden.

Gift Plant Specifications:

Container - 5.75"H by 6" Diameter

Plant - 12-14"H

Total Average Gift Height - 18-20"H