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Monarda Gardenview Scarlet

Monarda Gardenview Scarlet

Monarda 'Gardenview Scarlet'

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One of the most popular garden trends is finding ideal blooms that will entice honeybees, butterflies, and hummingbird. Gardenview Scarlet, a newer bee balm cultivar, welcomes these garden benefactors with red blooms that are bursting with fragrance. It is a welcome beauty to border flower gardens or in groupings of their own. This delightfully-scented bee balm grows 2-3 feet tall and will eventually spread into attractive colonies. They like moist soil and some afternoon shade. If they are dead-headed properly, a gardener can expect them to have them at least 2 months into the summer. Gardenview Scarlet makes stunning cut flowers and mix well in most types of gardens. They grow best in Zones 4-9.