Garlic German Red

Garlic German Red

Allium sativum subsp. ophioscorodon

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Garlic is a staple in many kitchens, and has been for thousands of years. German Red garlic is a staple that grows easily in most regions of the United States. Growing your own garlic doesn't take much space, and can even be done in containers as you grow your herbs and spices. Taste the difference between store bought and your own freshly garden grown German Red garlic.

You will reap eight to ten cloves of rich, flavorful hard neck garlic per head. Each head is covered in purple-brown paper-like skin, and cloves keep superbly in storage.

Add small amounts of fresh garlic to your sautees, stir fries, or roasted foods. You can also add to soups, or pickle garlic with onions and cucumbers for a flavorful, cold side dish to chase away the summer heat. Of course, no Italian dish would be complete without a dash of garlic, either.

Planting is easy: break the cloves apart and plant in the fall after the first hard frost. Plant four to eight inches apart and keep mulched through winter for a summer harvest.