Gaultheria Winter Splash™

A Totally New Wintergreen is on the Scene

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Everyone loves wintergreen. What's not to love, right?

With its low-spreading habit, it is a charming evergreen groundcover, attractive in all seasons; and it is cold hardy and easy to grow, even under difficult conditions: heavy shade, poor and/or dry soil, root competition. Not to mention, the leaves and fruit have the aroma and taste of wintergreen. And with festive red berries and green leaves, it is becoming a holiday favorite, right along with the traditional Christmas cactus and Christmas kalanchoe.

But now, there's a totally new wintergreen on the scene.

Winter Splash™ has all the fabulous attributes of wintergreen but also has unique color—it stands alone as the only variegated wintergreen on the market. Its snowy white and green leaves flush prettily pink in winter and are accompanied by bright red berries. The berries are edible and can be eaten raw or added to pastries. But if they're not to your liking, pheasants, grouse, squirrels, and deer will be very pleased to take them off your hands, as they are an excellent food source for wildlife.

So, use them to beautifully brighten the winter landscape or to update holiday season containers