Geranium Fay Anna

Geranium 'Fay Anna'

Geranium Fay Anna

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Intricate lavender blooms will brighten up your garden from spring all the way until summer!

The large, slightly curved lilac petals have dark purple veins that add interesting pattern to each bloom. The petals give way to a white center, and a few pink spikes delicately sprout from each center. The blooms are held light green stems that spread, and will spill gracefully over the edges of containers.

In early spring, before the flowers make their striking appearances, the leaves unfurl yellow and orange. As 'Fay Anna' matures, each star-shaped, deep green leaf bears hints of dark purple with light green veins, adding even more color and intrigue to this little plant.

Reaching about a foot high and wide, 'Fay Anna' is the perfect size for containers, borders, patio planters, and any small space that needs that extra splash of color! Give it part shade to full sun, and this perennial will come back with a flourish of color year after year.

Hummingbirds love these flowers, but deer will generally steer clear. Cold hardy and heat tolerant, 'Fay Anna' will impress you with its strength throughout the season! Zones 4-8.