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Athyrium Ghost

Athyrium 'Ghost'

Tolerates dry conditions better than most Ferns!

Illuminate the shade garden with this stunning new American hybrid! 'Ghost' is a terrifically versatile fern, outstandingly lovely in its own right as well as being the perfect foil for surrounding green- and blue-leaved plants. One of the most distinctive and original new cultivars in recent years, it is the result of fine breeding that will show to splendid advantage in your partially to fully shaded garden.

A cross between Lady Fern and Japanese Silver-Painted Fern, 'Ghost' improves on these two favorites by combining finely divided foliage, excellent upright habit, and silvery-gray fronds so luminous they appear to glow. If you have been tempted to grow a fern garden in the past but have been discouraged by the lack of color range, 'Ghost' is the accent planting you need to highlight the more subtle changes in color and texture among other ferns. Also dramatic among blue-leaved Hostas and Epidemiums, 'Ghost' is distinctive enough to stand on its own as a specimen planting or as a luminous ribbon of "light" in the shade.

Developed by Nancy Swell of Virginia, 'Ghost' is happily indifferent to soil type, and tolerates more dryness than most of its family. It grows at a moderate rate, forming an attractive clump 2 to 3 feet tall and 18 to 24 inches wide after several years. If planting multiple 'Ghosts', space them about a foot apart in partial to full shade. A wonderful groundcover or container choice, too! Zones 4-8.

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Delicate Glowing Fern
Patricia Mary from IN wrote on May 08, 2017:

This is only the 2nd year of growth and it will need another year or two to reach a larger size, but even so it is a lovely, delicate fern with a glowing silvery green shade. Planted under a Japanese maple with a number of shade plants, it stands out. I do spray it occasionally with Deer Defeat as rabbits and/or deer will nibble on it since it is delicate. Deer Defeat is the best product that keeps the critters away and you needn't keep on spraying your plants as it lasts a long time even through rainy weather.