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Ginkgo Snow Cloud

Ginkgo 'Snow Cloud'

Ginkgo biloba 'Snow Cloud'

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Snow Cloud is the kind of tree that draws you in with its subtle charms and doesn't let go easily! This tree sports the traditional fan-like leaves each of which begins lemon yellow but soon shows white patterns like fresh snow clinging to the foliage. The pale patterns are lovely to behold and many leaves never turn fully green at all and keep their interesting contrast! As well all Ginkgoes the tree turns bright gold right before its leaves drop - a stunning finale to a full year of gorgeous foliage! This tree can reach heights of 10 feet and is a very easy to care for plant. Plant it in an area that gets a little bit of both shade and sun and moist, well drained soil and 'Snow Cloud' will reward you with endless foliage interest. Makes a great statement tree in a landscape. You will drift away in the beauty and grace of this Ginkgo as it provides your garden with month after month of incredible color.