Go Away Rabbit, Dog and Cat Repellent

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A pet that develops an affinity for one of our favorite garden plants, or a particular location in the landscape, can do a lot of damage. And unlike wild animals, domestics are a part of the garden for many of us -- we cannot put up a fence or a trap to get rid of them! So how do we discourage them from the areas we want to keep pristine? Well, if we are tending an all-natural or organic garden, we have a good resource. Go Away is a blend of environmentally friendly ingredients that can change the behavior of dogs, cats, and even rabbits so that they select a less desirable spot for their activities!

Go Away is an all-natural pest repellent with the main ingredients white pepper, cinnamon oil, and thyme oil. It works on the animal's olfactory sense, associating certain spots with unpleasant smells. Sometimes a single application can be enough to change an animal's mind about choosing a particular spot for urination, defecation, and/or digging; most often, the process is more gradual, with repeated applications gradually convincing the animal that there are sweeter-smelling parts of the landscape to explore.

This granular formula shakes out easily, coating the ground or other area you are covering. It lasts a good while, but repeat frequently for quicker effectiveness. Go Away is entirely natural, without detriment to plants, soil, pollinators, or other animals. It's perfectly safe for children and pets to be around.

Rely on Go Away to retrain the animals you live with (including that pesky neighborhood cat and the walk-by dogs on leashes whose owners do not respect your sidewalk plantings). It is a great way to deter destructive animals while still maintaining a natural garden that welcomes pollinators and is friendly to the environment. You don't need artificial chemical-based sprays and powders when you have Go Away! 3-pound bottle.