Gold Dust Croton Houseplant

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Gold Dust Crotons or Codiaeum variegatum are a subtropical, evergreen shrub, naturally occurring in Indonesia, southern Asia, and Eastern Pacific Islands. The plants grow to a maximum height of about 3 feet, with a spread of only about 2 feet wide. Their wide, gold-flecked leaves are a deep green color that is sure to stun as long as they are properly cared for! They require bright light, even moisture, and they do not tolerate drying out or wilting. Take proper care of it and you will enjoy it year after year!

The benefits of Croton don't stop at beauty and low maintenance! Houseplants increase the quality of our lives and are important for our well being. Plants in the home help us breathe easier by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, increase humidity which reduces dry skin, colds, sore throats, and coughs, as well as removes toxins to purify the air. There are even studies showing that houseplants decrease stress and increase productivity, reduce sickness, boost creativity, and increase focus.

Warning: All parts of the plant, including leaves, roots, latex, and the bark are poisonous so be careful with your pets!

Container Height: 5"

Total Gift Height: 12-14"H