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Golden Spirit Smoke Bush

Golden Spirit Smoke Bush

Cotinus coggygria Golden Spirit™ 13,082

Plant Patent 16,082

The most colorful Smoke Bush yet, Golden Spirit shows off from spring till frost in your garden! Not only does it have the same spectacular fall color you expect of Smoke Bush, but its leaves are brilliant gold in spring and summer! Happy in poor, dry soil, it's easy as well as lovely -- a must-have for the sunny to partly shady garden!

In spring the large, rounded leaves unfurl bright yellow on this tidy shrub, offering terrific contrast to all the green- and blue-leafed plants nearby. In late spring the foliage is topped by delicate 8- to 10-inch stems of smoky-pink blossoms, which last into early summer. And with the first nip of fall weather, the entire bush erupts in brilliant coral, orange, and red tones!

And few shrubs are easier to grow, especially if you've got poor, dry, or rocky soil -- Golden Spirit actually PREFERS these conditions! So don't worry about fertilizing it; find an unpromising patch of dirt and it'll be very content! Heat, humidity, and drought don't faze it once it's established in your garden, either. In fact, unless you want to prune it back to a smaller size, you really need do nothing to this magnificent shrub!

Best grown in full sun for the widest color range, Golden Spirit is also tolerant of partial shade. Put away the pruning shears, the watering can, and the fertilizer, and settle back to enjoy truly carefree gardening! 6 to 8 feet tall, 5 feet wide. Hardy in zones 5-9.