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Good Dirt® Potting Mix

Good Dirt® Potting Mix

Loosens to 28 quarts
Item # 39716
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Boost your container garden's health from the ground up with this effective, sustainable potting mix. Sometimes the worst thing to happen to your greenery isn't bugs or disease, but poorly aerated soil that doesn't drain well. Good Dirt® solves both of these issues by implementing organic material called BogBits™ which increase the porosity of the soil.

Good Dirt® contains two main ingredients: American peat moss and BogBits™, a mix of peat moss byproducts that is 100% organic. It also contains secondary elements: a starting fertilizer to jump-start your container plants' nutritional uptake, and a probiotic blend. These elements combine to create the ideal growing environment for all your planters, from window boxes to hanging baskets to good old terracotta pots!

Make sure your potted plants don't just survive but thrive with Good Dirt® potting mix! 28 quarts.