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Buxus Green Velvet

Buxus 'Green Velvet'

sempervirens x microphylla Koreana

Trade Gallon (3qt)
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Buxus Green Velvet is a hardy Boxwood developed in Ontario, Canada. This hybrid combines the hardiness and compact growth habit of Korean Boxwood with the luxuriant, deep green leaf color of English Boxwood. Best of all, Green Velvet retains its deep, velvety green foliage color clear through the most difficult winters!

Its lovely, full-bodied habit, which is very low, rounded, and dense, shears and shapes beautifully to any desired form -- from topiary to an excellent, crisp low hedge. This easy to care for evergreen does great in full sun or partly shaded areas of the garden. Use it as a border or hedge for some foliage interest in your landscape. Also works in a container to bring some texture to your porch or deck. This shrub is a choice hardy evergreen that retains its deep green color through the coldest winter. Zones 6-8.