Rustic Hanging Bird Feeder

Distressed, Rustic Finish
Item # 37718

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The ideal finishing touch to any patio or porch, this stunning rustic-style birdfeeder is a work of art to be treasured (and used!) for many years. With a decorative scrollwork mounting bracket and elaborate three-chain hanging mechanism included along with the metal bowl-style feeder decorated with two bird sculptures, the Hanging Birdfeeder is a work of art as much as it is a practical feeding station for your backyard buddies!

The bowl is very shallow and wide, the way birds like. Measuring 10¾ inches in diameter, it has a raised rim to keep the seed in place and give birds a natural perch. Two distressed-metal birds are already in place, as if to give others the right idea!

The bowl hangs from a 27-inch chain assembly, consisting of a very sturdy hook, finial, and three spaced chains. Not even the strongest wind will bring this birdfeeder down! And the hook loops over the extended wall bracket, which can hold even heavy loads of food and birds.

Useful year-round and destined never to go out of style, the Hanging Birdfeeder is the bird-lover's dream come true, a fine work of craftsmanship that also accommodates the needs of the feathered friends it is designed to attract. Add it to your landscape this season, and share its beauty with birding friends who deserve a special treat.